Lee Colwill  \lee-KOHL-wil\, firstname, surname, [origin unknown]
1) Lee Colwill is an independant Art Director, Designer and Consultant, based in Berlin. Working across a variety of cultural sectors, his work is more specifically involved with projects for art, fashion, publishing and music.
2) References and clients include: xxxx, A Magazine, Absolut Vodka, AchtungZeitschrift für Mode, adidas, xxxxx xxxxx, xxxxxxx xxxxxx, Richie Culver, HeHe, Joop!Jeans, Michalsky, Nike, P-A-M, Porsche Design Sport, xxxxxx xxxxxx, Stone Island, xxx xxxxx, Universal Music, Woodworks, Y-3. 
3) For all enquiries please telephone: +49(0)176 2819 5661, or alternatively send an email to: mail@leecolwill.com

Lee Colwill
Oranienstraße 184
10999 Berlin


Telephone: +49(0)30 6150 7742

Mobile: +49(0)176 2819 5661

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